(Doctors listed in alphabetical order of town/city)


Dr Nadine Beach
972 Sunrise Hwy West Babylon, NY, 11704

Dr Nadine Beach Dr. Nadine Beach-Addiego is a graduate of SUNY Albany. Dr. Beach followed the Pre-Med curriculum, graduating with a Major in biology and combined Minor in physics and chemistry. Shortly after graduation, she moved to San Diego, California. She received her Chiropractic Education from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California and graduated Cum Laude in 2001.

Dr Craig Selzer
36 E Main St. Bayshore NY

Dr Craig SelzerCraig Selzer, DC is located in Bay Shore, NY and is certified in ART (Active Release Technique) treating Sports injuries, herniated disc‘s, repetitive strain injuries, auto and work injuries.
Additional Services: Physical Therapy

Dr Joseph Merckling
16 Station Rd Ste 2 Bellport NY

Dr Joseph Merckling​Dr. Joseph Merckling in Bellport NY, specializes in treatment of sciatica, scoliosis and TMJ related conditions. Joseph Merckling’s office has helped people suffering with disc herniations, pinched nerves and headaches. Dr Joseph Merckling’s practice in Bellport uses conservative chiropractic care, flexion distraction, and acupuncture since 2006.
Additional Services: Acupuncture

Dr Greg Papadopoulos
294 Burr Rd Commack NY

Dr PapadopoulosDr. Greg Papadopoulos, practicing in Commack and the surrounding region for over three decades. Experienced in treating injuries arising from car accidents (whiplash), workers compensation injuries, sport injuries, pain associated with pregnancy, sciatica, headaches and many other musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr Jason Pape
66 Austin Blvd Commack NY

Dr Jason PapeDr. Jason Pape, a chiropractor in Commack NY, treats neck pain, back pain, disc problems, and sciatica, auto injuries and workers compensation injuries.

Dr Matt Aron
1970 Rt 112 Coram NY

Dr Matt AronDr. Matthew A. Aron, owner of Coram Chiropractic Center, has been providing spine care & wellness therapy since 1997. Dr. Matthew A. Aron, owner of Coram Chiropractic Center, specializes in the non-invasive treatment of low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, disc herniation’s & injuries to the spine. These conditions may have resulted from workplace injuries (Workers Compensation), Auto accidents (No-Fault) or recreational injuries.
Additional Services: Massage Therapy

Dr Robin Stein
177 E Main St East Islip NY

Dr Robin SteinDr. Robin Stein, practices in East Islip NY.  The practice offers contemporary family chiropractic care treating a vast array of musculoskeletal pain syndromes.  Conditions treated range from headaches, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and disc bulges/herniations to complex pain syndromes.  We also specialize in chiropractic rehabilitation which incorporates both manual therapy and active care.

Dr Tom Grantis,
177 E Main St East Islip NY

Dr Tom Grantis,Dr Grantis holds a diplomate in chiropractic rehabilitation under the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. He has a special interest in chiropractic rehab, joint health and sports injury mitigation. He has been mentored by leaders in the Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning world and brings a unique skill set in addressing both soft tissue injuries and acute and chronic pain syndromes.

Dr John Chinnicci
280 E. Main St East Islip NY

Dr John ChinnicciDr. John Chinnicci, a chiropractor in East Islip NY, treats neck pain, back pain, disc problems, and sciatica, auto injuries and workers compensation injuries.

Dr Joseph Papalia
28 Jones St Setauket NY 11733

Dr Joseph PapaliaDr Joseph Papalia is a National Board Certified Chiropractor and has been in practice since 2001. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree and a Doctoral Degree in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. Dr Papalia also holds a Diplomat in the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals and is affiliated with the Mather Memorial Hospital Chiropractic Collaboration program.

Dr Michael Campo
700 Horseblock Rd Farmingville NY

Dr Mike CampoDr. Michael Campo, a chiropractor in Farmingville NY, treats neuromusculoskeletal problems including neck pain, back pain, disc problems, and sciatica with a hands on attentive approach.

Dr Richard Dark
1 Mt. Mckinley Ave Farmingville NY

Dr. Richard DarkDr. Richard Dark, a chiropractor has a family practice in Farmingville NY, Dr Dark of Farmingville NY provides treatment for lumbar spine disc conditions and uses a Flexion-Distraction table, Dr. Richard A. Dark, a Chiropractor in Farmingville, NY provides treatment for musculoskeletal injuries including sprains, strains, and whiplash, using Spinal Adjustments, T.E.N.S, Ultrasound, and Laser therapies to reduce pain of acute injuries. Dr. Richard A. Dark, a Chiropractor in Farmingville provides individualized rehabilitative exercise plans and massage therapy.
Additional Services: Massage Yoga

Dr Scott Vinci
1308 Townline Rd Hauppauge NY

Dr Scott VinciDr. Scott Vinci, a chiropractor in Hauppauge NY, treats neck pain, back pain, disc problems, and sciatica, auto injuries and workers compensation injuries.

Dr Daniel Picard
182 Main St Huntington NY

Dr Daniel PicardDr. Picard of Huntington has been providing care to the Huntington NY community for over 25 years. Treats both child and adult patients. Dr. Picard of Huntington treats sciatica with spinal decompression, treats back pain with spinal adjustments, treats headaches with chiropractic manipulations, treats neck pain and stiffness with massage therapy treats pelvis and shoulder misalignments with custom orthotics.
Additional Services: Massage, Acupuncture Pain Management

Dr Robert Leahy
1018 Waverly Ave. Holtsville NY

Dr Robert LeahyDr. Robert Leahy of Holtsville Chiropractic is a Chiropractor with thirty years of ,experience. He is certified in sports related injuries as well as lower back pain and back pain prevention.  Doctor Leahy also has experience with clinical application in Cox flexion distraction technique for the treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniations.
Doctor Robert Leahy of Holtsville Chiropractic treats back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, disc herniations, and sciatica. He has experience with injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents, work related incidents and sport injuries and other spinal related disorders. 

Dr Steven Spadanuta
94 Washburn St. Lake Grove NY

Dr Steven SpadanutaDr. Steven P. Spadanuta, D.C.of Lake Grove, NY, treats neck and back conditions with combination electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound therapy and diversified spinal adjustments including modified cox prone disc distraction technique.

Dr John Maggio
66 N Wantagh Ave Levittown NY 11756

Dr John MaggioDr. John W. Maggio specializes in chiropractic in Levittown, NY and has over 33 years of experience in the field of medicine. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College with his medical degree in 1990. Dr. John W. Maggio is licensed to practice by the state board in New York.

Dr Shirley Espinoza
797 Centre Ave. Lindenhurst NY

Dr Shirley EspinozaDr. Shirley Espinoza a Lindenhurst Chiropractor has experience with head, neck, low back, TMJ, Allergies, headaches, hip, knee and foot pain. Dr Espinoza utilizes Chiropractic adjusting methods, physical therapy, laser therapy, custom foot orthotics and clinical nutrition to heal. Dr Espinoza of Lindenhurst NY treats Workers Compensation and No Fault injuries.

Dr Jay Riess
656 N Wellwood Ave #209A Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Dr Jay RiessDr. Jay L. Riess has been in practice since 1983, and in private practice in Lindenhurst since 1985. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from SUNY College at Oneonta before graduating from New York Chiropractic College with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Dr Todd Goldman
2799 Rt 112 Medford NY

Dr Todd GoldmanDr. Todd Goldman of Medford, NY has a multidisciplinary practice with chiropractic, neurology, orthopedic surgery, pain management, massage therapy and physical therapy. Dr. Goldman has an extensive background in the treatment of motor vehicle accidents and work injuries. He treats headaches, neck and low back pain, sciatica, auto and work injuries.
Additional Services: Massage, physical therapy, pain management

Dr Craig Rubenstein
259 Granny Rd Medford NY

Dr Craig RubensteinDr. Craig Rubenstein of Medford NY has experience that includes treating the US Freestyle Ski Team, legends in the ultramarathon running fields as well as world famous dancers and 1st through 10th degree black belts. Common conditions patients see Dr. Rubenstein for range from pinched nerves, sports injuries and concussions to spinal stenosis, headaches and vertigo.

Dr Michael Carnes
595 Rt 25A Ste B Miller Place NY

Dr Michael CarnesDr. Michael Carnes, a chiropractor in Miller Place NY, treats neck pain, back pain, disc problems, and sciatica, auto injuries and workers compensation injuries.

Dr Peter Stumpf
595 Rt 25A Ste.11 Miller Place NY

Dr Peter StumpfDr. Peter Stumpf of Miller Place has been in practice for 17 years and focuses on holistic treatment to ensure patients enjoy an active lifestyle. He promotes overall health and wellness in a family practice that caters to the needs of the patient. Dr. Stumpf of Miller Place specializes in treating neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, sports injuries and auto/work injuries utilizing non-invasive techniques and procedures that minimize pain and recovery time.

Dr Neil Levin
10 Hewitt Sq. E Northport, NY 11731

Dr Neil LevinDr. Levin has been a practicing chiropractor since 1996 graduating Salutatorian. He is also a Certified Nutritionist graduating from American Health Science University with a 4.0 GPA and a Certified Fitness Trainer. Dr. Levin’s specialty is getting you out of pain fast. Most people begin to feel better during thier first visit. After that Dr. Levin focuses on a whole body/mind/ lifestyle approach to help you achieve your health goals.

Dr Brian Yonks
15 Echo Ave. Mt. Sinai NY

Dr Brian YonksDr. Brian Yonks is a practicing chiropractor for over 27 years in Mount Sinai, NY. The practice focuses on treating the whole family and utilizes chiropractic, flexion/distraction, massage therapy and acupuncture to alleviate musculoskeletal pain from car accidents, work accidents, falls and other injuries. Dr. Yonks helps with pain from arthritis, disc herniations, sprains, strains, whiplash, car accidents, poor posture, scoliosis and sports injuries.
Additional Services: Massage Acupuncture

Dr F. Richard Hess
799 Deer Park Ave. North Babylon NY

Dr F. Richard HessDr. Rick Hess of North Babylon NY has been practicing Chiropractic for 35 years. He brings with this experience his compassion and gentle technique in treating musculoskeletal injuries. Rick Hess treats low back pain and sciatic (should be sciatica)with diversified techniques including flexion/distraction, treats neck and upper back pain, injuries related to motor vehicle accidents and work injuries.
Additional Services: Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling

Dr Angelo Biase
157 N. Ocean Ave. Ste 3 Patchogue NY

Dr Angelo Biase​Dr. Biase is Patchogue NY chiropractor conservatively treating disc herniations, headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica.

Dr Joanna Fasulo
680 Rt 112 Patchogue NY

Dr Joanna FasuloDr. Fasulo of Patchogue NY treats headaches, neck and back pain and offers other services.
Additional Services: Massage Acupuncture

Dr Sophia Argeropoulos
9 Roosevelt Ave Port Jeff Station NY

Dr Sophia AgeropolousDr. Sophia Argeropoulos practices in Port Jefferson NY specializing in the treatment of all spine related conditions, headaches, neck pain, back pain, herniated disc, pinched nerves, auto and work related injuries.
Additional Services: Massage

Dr Bruce Berns
2805 Veterans Memorial Hwy #8 Ronkonkoma NY

Dr Bruce BernsDr. Bruce Berns of Ronkonkoma, NY treats neck and lower back disc injuries using Spinal Decompression. He also treats conditions relating to: car accidents, work injuries, headaches, sciatica and myofascial pain syndromes. His office offers Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Pain Management, and Massage Therapy.
Additional Services: Massage

Dr James Lambert
2805 Veterans Memorial Hwy #8 Ronkonkoma NY

Dr James LambertDr. James H. Lambert of Ronkonkoma, NY treats disc problems with Spinal Decompression and Flexion Distraction tables. Dr. James H. Lambert of Ronkonkoma NY treats Peripheral Neuropathy with Smart Laser and the Matrix physical modalities. Dr. James H. Lambert co-treats various orthopedic arm and leg conditions with on-site Physical Therapy, Massage Therapists, and Acupuncture.
Additional Services: Massage

Dr Paul Priolo
2805 Veterans Memorial Hwy #8 Ronkonkoma, NY

Dr Paul PrioloDr. Paul Priolo is a Chiropractor practicing at South Shore Physical Therapy and Chiropractic in Ronkonkoma, NY. Dr Priolo Specializes in caring for patients injured in auto accidents, work related injuries and sports injuries through chiropractic care, non-surgical spinal decompression and physical therapy.
Dr. Paul Priolo of Ronkonkoma, New York treats herniated bulging and degenerative disc‘s, sports injuries, auto accident injuries, work related injuries and headaches.
Additional Services: Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Pain Management

Dr David BenEliyahu
636 Middle Co.Rd Selden NY

Dr David BenEliyahuDr. David BenEliyahu practices in Selden NY, and offers patients treatment of spinal conditions using the latest technologies such as Cox Tables, spinal decompression tables, and cold laser therapy. Dr BenEliyahu of Selden NY treats headaches, neck pain, back pain, disc herniations, sciatica, spinal stenosis, sports injuries, car accident injuries, and work related injuries. Dr BenEliyahu provides his patients with a multidisciplinary treatment approach with onsite massage therapy, acupuncture, and medical pain management.
Additional Services: Acupuncture Massage Pain Management

Dr Michael Horney
416 Rt 25A East Setauket NY

Dr Michael HorneyDr. Michael Horney of East Setauket is experienced in treating neuromuscular conditions including headaches, neck and back pain using a variety of techniques including flexion distraction, soft tissue work, therapeutic exercise.
Additional Services: Massage

Dr Phil Facquet
35 Washington Blvd. Smithtown NY

Dr Phil FacquetDr. Facquet has been practicing in Commack/Smithtown for thirty years. He treats people suffering with spine and neck pain and focuses on whole body health. He has special training in injuries associated with automobile crashes. He uses multiple instruments to adjust the spine in a gentile manner.

Dr David Wallman
32 Lawrence Ave Smithtown NY

Dr David WallmanDr. David A Wallman of Smithtown focuses on determining the cause of a patients problem then implementing a multidisciplinary treatment approach to relieve pain, restore function and provide the best long term correction of the underlying condition possible.
 Dr David A Wallman, a Smithtown Chiropractor treats neck and back pain, sciatica, bulging and herniated discs, injuries to the arms and legs as well as sports injuries.
Additional Services: Massage Pain Management

Dr Robert Wilder
329 E. Jericho Ave Smithtown NY

Dr Robert WilderDr. Robert S. Wilder of Smithtown provides personalized family care with over 35 years of clinical experience. He cooperates with other doctors and specialists. Dr Robert Wilder of Smithtown NY treats sciatica, neck and back pain, bulging and herniated discs, headaches, and pinched nerves.

Dr Nick Zuccala
15 Belle Meade Ave Smithtown NY

Dr Nick ZuccalaDr. Nicholas Zuccala of Smithtown has a family oriented practice and holds post graduate certification in Sports Injuries. Nicholas Zuccala DC, CCSP of Smithtown treats, Auto Injuries, Back pain, Sciatica, Herniated discs, and Neck pain.
Additional Services: Acupuncture

Dr Raymond Semente
265 Lake Ave St. James NY

Dr Raymond SementeDr. Raymond Semente, a chiropractor in St. James NY, treats neck pain, back pain, disc problems, and sciatica, auto injuries and workers compensation injuries.
Additional Services: Acupuncture Massage Pain Management

Dr Greg Thomaier
338 Lake Ave St. James NY

Dr Greg ThomaierDr. Gregory Thomaier, chiropractor in St. James NY providing a gentle and effective treatment of neck/back pain, pinched nerves, numbness/tingling, herniated discs, sciatica with cox flexion distraction, traction, pain management, cold laser and spinal manipulation.
Additional Services: Pain Management

Dr Brandon Henkowicz
2500 Rt 347 Suite 9b Stony Brook NY

Dr Brandon Henkowicz​Dr. Brandon Henkowicz is a Holistic Chiropractor practicing in Stony Brook. His practice. Dr. Brandon Henkowicz is committed to providing natural pain management and chiropractic solutions addressing your health needs..
Dr. Brandon Henkowicz of Stony Brook NY, treats Low back pain, neck pain, disc herniation, disc bulges, sciatica, radiculopathy, pinched Nerves, postural issues  and headaches in the Stony Brook Area.

Dr Cynthia Ochi
6144 Rt 25A Wading River NY

Dr Cynthia OchiDr. Cynthia Ochi is a Wading River NY female chiropractor, specializing in hands-on treatment of neck and back conditions, with the goal of efficiently providing the patient relief and restoring optimal function.  Individualized nutritional guidance and therapeutic exercises are integrated into the patient's treatment program.
Additional Services: Acupuncture Massage

Dr Janet Cirrone
50 Station Rd Bldg. 7 Watermill NY

Dr Janet CirroneDr. Cirrone evaluates and treats spine conditions, neck, arm, low back and leg pain, sciatica, sports injuries, muscle strains and sprains with myofascial release massage, cox flexion distraction technique, chiropractic mobilization and Acupuncture. Her interactive care includes rehabilitation exercises, posture and gait retraining.
Additional Services: Acupuncture

Dr Richard Sears
9 Gregory Way Calverton NY

Dr Richard SearsDr. Richard C. Sears Jr., practices in Calverton, NY. Dr Richard Sears provides treatments for sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, headache pain and noninvasive pain management utilizing MLS cold laser.
Additional Services: Massage Acupuncture