When you suffer from back pain not only does that pain impact your day, but it can also lead to a rough night by causing disruption to your sleep. Having poor bed posture can create or worsen low back pain. Here are 3 tips for finding a comfortable sleeping position to reduce back pain. 

  • Sleep on your side. It’s best to sleep on your side in the fetal position but not overly curled up. Place a pillow between your knees for better support.
  • If you feel pain when you’re in a standing position that is alleviated by leaning forwards, try sleeping in a reclined position.  If you have an adjustable bed, sleep in the anti-gravity or zero-gravity position. This position simulates weightlessness and puts less pressure on your body. 
  • Be certain you are sleeping on a good mattress. Some simple rules of thumb to follow when it comes to mattresses are:
    • It should not sag.
    • Medium firm is best.
    • There should be no unusual spine curvature when you lie on your mattress. 
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